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Washington County, Tennessee is the economic center of the Tri-Cities region and a hub for new business and development. Numerous health & medical, manufacturing, corporate office, commercial, retail and other businesses all call Washington County home. Washington County’s ability to attract a diverse set of businesses ranging from small local companies to major international corporations is a result of the unique cooperation between local government and the private sector.

Some of the reasons that over 7,000 businesses call Washington County home include:

  • Lowest property taxes in the Tri-Cities region
  • Extensive railroad network
  • Proximity to the intersection of two major interstates, I-81 and I-26
  • Proximity to the Tri-Cities Regional Airport
  • Access to Foreign Trade Zone #204
  • Stellar education and workforce training opportunities
  • Access to affordable and varietal housing options
  • Tennessee is a right-to-work state
  • Regional medical hub
  • Sustainability efforts
  • Array of recreation and amenities