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Founders Park

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The beautiful greenspace that greets visitors and residents as they enter our downtown district from the west, was designed through a storm water retention project. The lovely creek that flows through the center of the park, was developed to help with a flooding problem that had plagued the downtown for decades.

Now, on a beautiful day, you will find folks taking a casual stroll, others admiring the sculptures that have been placed by the Public Arts Committee, musicians enjoying the open air pavilion and children flying a kite on the great lawn. The five acre water greenway has become a place to relax and enjoy nature as well as a catalyst for revitalization for downtown.

In Founders Park, residents can reserve the great lawn, amphitheater and the entire park for a fee. In order to reserve the space, you must fill out a request with information about your special event. Please use this fillable form to begin the reservation process. All reservations for Founders Park are managed through the Johnson City Development Authority. If your reservation is approved, you will receive an email with a link requesting your fees. To see a calendar of events currently scheduled in Downtown Johnson City.

Founders Park Application   This is a PDF fillable form. After filling the document out, save as the name of your event, and then email to the address on the form.