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The 2008 economic downturn brought our Northeast Tennessee region a new reality; jobs and economic growth were not given and while some areas remained positive, others were losing and suffering from job and economic loss.  Our region needs a cohesive, consistent, uniform marketing message; a message that concisely articulates the region's business proposition, which is crucial in today's highly competitive, information-rich world.  It became evident that to be economically competitive, an area partnership with a strong strategic plan was needed to provide a new cost effective and unified approach to supporting exisiting businesses and new business attraction.  Our region is creating a singular vision and mission for our regional economic future.

The mission of the Northeast Tennessee Regional Economic Partnership is to enhance job growth and increase the tax base by engaging business leaders through collaboration with existing businesses to expand, build their supply chains, actively recruit new employers in targeted sectors, and attract educated talent. The Northeast Tennessee Regional Economic Partnership provides a united regional approach to economic development, jointly funded by the private and public sectors to market, speak, and act with one voice, proactively creating jobs, and building regional prosperity. The plan focuses on business retention and expansion, attraction of new business, workforce development with additional effort dedicated to creating shovel ready sites, and adding enhanced stakeholder communications. This strategic viewpoint deploys an approach to create collaboration so that the Washington, Carter, and Unicoi region (the Johnson City Metro) will expand unimpeded by city or county borders, thus, encouraging new businesses to locate in the region.